I first came to see Dr. Rode for neck pain that I had been having for a long time. It started in my neck and then I would get pain in my right shoulder blade as well. It was really annoying and made my work at the computer a lot more difficult. On bad occasions, I would start to get a headache. It got to the point were I started waking up with a headache in the morning. I found this especially frustrating. In the past, I would put a hot cloth on my neck and this helped a little bit. I would also take some aspirin and that seemed to help but only temporarily and to a limited degree.

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I went to
Dr. Rode’s Office and he asked me some questions about my neck pain and headaches. After that he did an exam and took some X-rays of my neck and mid back. Later I came back the next day and he went over everything that he found. I had never seen my X-rays before so it was very interesting. Dr. Rode explained in detail exactly what we were looking at in the different pictures. I really got a good understanding of what was going on with my body, why I was feeling the pain. Dr. Rode started adjusting me and have gotten a lot better. He educated me on things not to do like holding the phone receiver to my ear with my shoulder, and why I should not sleep on my stomach. That advice really helped.

I would encourage anyone with neck pain and headaches to see and get help from
Dr. Rode like I have, he really has made a difference.