Almost two years ago, I injured my lower back on a construction project in Connecticut. I was out of work for a week and sought chiropractic treatment for a “bulging disc”. In only a few visits, my pain was relieved and I was convinced that chiropractic helped without emergency room visits or prescription drugs. I discontinued treatment after the pain subsided, but I realize now that I did not correct my spinal alignment. Over time, my lower spine shifted out of alignment and settled in a twisted manor without my awareness. My alignment degenerated slowly and I did not notice the affect this injury had on my energy level, strength, movement, digestion, and even attitude. The severity of my subluxation was unknown until my left leg went numb and the shooting spinal pain returned. I thought that I had re-injured myself seriously. I tried Ibuprofen, Aleve, and a hot compress, but they did not alleviate the aggravated nerves. I was unable to even drive a truck.

Every pothole or speed bump was torturous. I was desperate to get immediate treatment, so I searched the internet for a chiropractor in my area and found Rode Chiropractic. I read through the comments online which were left from previous patients and I was comforted by the success stories.
Dr. Rode set an immediate appointment. After seeing the x-rays, Dr. Rode’s diagnosis identified the problem area and the degree at which my spine was out of alignment. Treatment to lessen the pain began the following day. After the first readjustment, I remember saying to myself “Oh thank God”. Unlocking my spine was instantly soothing. I was instructed to make a few minor changes in my habits and lifestyle like not crossing my legs and sleeping on my back. The pain was alleviated in only a few visits. After a month, the normal circulation returned to my left leg. I am now happily playing golf, snorkeling, and riding rides at the fair in only 21 visits! I am proud to be a Rode Chiropractic success story and I have signed family members up for Dr. Rode’s 15 minute realignment. I owe much of my quality of life to these incredible new chiropractic techniques and experiences