In June of 2008 I suffered from an intense mid back spasm. I went to the emergency room experiencing the worst pain of my life. Unfortunately I was ignored there and ended up going to another ER facility. I was very concerned that over an hour of extreme back spasm had caused irreversible damage to my spine and back. I was in need of a Chiropractor to tend to my back and after many phone calls decided on visiting Dr. Rode’s office based on the conversation we had on the phone. His questions were precise and made it easy for me to give him the answers over the phone needed for a accurate tele-examination.
Rode Chiropractic
Dr. Rode turned out not only to be swift and reliable (two skills us Germans tend to insist on), but very flexible in adapting his approaches in treatment depending on the progress of my healing process. His treatments and techniques left me with a feeling of relief after each visit and the distortion of my spine, of my spine, caused by the attacks I had suffered, is now completely gone. We further discussed future steps and my family has already replaced our mattress with one that gives my back more support, a vital step towards my rehabilitation. Furthermore I will invest in an ergonomic chair that will relieve my back and neck during the day. Having the severe back-problem I had and having had such a terrible day at San Diego’s ER’s I did not know where else to go. In the past I had gone to Chiropractors for minor sports injuries without ever appreciating their effort. I was always under the impression that more harm than help had been done. This time the experience was the complete opposite.

I am now pain free; I have a feeling that Dr. Rode addressed each and every one of my back conditions with adequate methods which led to a successful recovery in a timely manner. This experience was a very positive one and I can only hope I will find equivalent chiropractic support in my new home in Chapel Hill, NC.

Thank you and best regards,