I had experienced back pain and discomfort since High School when I was an avid gymnast. I had received chiropractic care in High School but discontinued due to rigors of College. So it was my natural inclination to again seek chiropractic care as a preventative measure. I would  experience a dull achy low back pain on a daily basis, usually as the day wore on.
Pain medication like aspirin or ibuprofen provided little to no relief. I would occasionally experience sharp chest pains and joint pain associated with cold temperatures, as well as occasional sharp back pains associated with certain activities.

rode chiropractic

Since receiving my chiropractic care from Dr. Rode my general back pain has greatly decreased from the treatment, also I no longer get the joint pain that I used to experience and I no longer feel the sharp pains in my chest.

Chiropractic care has helped greatly and I plan on continuing my maintenance visits to maintain my progress and improve my condition.