I had been having a lot of neck problems for about 6 or 7 years. The pain was usually worse in the winter time, because of the cold temperature. When doing mechanical work outside on the buses it was more noticeable. The pain was making it hard to do my job because I have to turn my head a lot and that aggravated everything. The pain also made it hard to change lanes while driving because it hurt when I would turn my head to see if the lane was clear. I would always get pain in the left side of my neck and I would get tingling in my right arm in the morning. Usually I would just suffer through it, but when the pain got really bad I would take about 600 mg of Motrin to help stop the pain.

Poway Chiropractor Rode Chiropractic

I had never been to a chiropractor before so I didn’t know what to expect.
Dr Rode asked me some questions and figured out the it probably all started from a bad car accident I had in 1991. He then did an exam and took some X-rays of my neck. Dr. Rode then explained the X-rays to me so that I understood why I was having the pain in my neck. I started getting chiropractic care and I must say it has really made a difference. I can now turn my head much farther than I could before, and I don’t get any pain when I do it. I can also work on the buses all day without having the pain like I was having before. Thank you Dr. Rode for helping to stop the pain after all these years.