Ever since having my second child Abby, I was frequently having episodes of low back pain. The pain became more constant and got worse as I carried her around. It would start in the center of my back and would move out to the sides The pain was really starting affect mean the kind of parent I could be to my daughter. To get rid of the pain, I would take some Tylenol which would help for a while, but once it wore off, the pain was back. I would get massages but they would only help briefly. Another mom friend of mine who experienced the same kind of aches and pains from carrying her children around told me how her chiropractor had been able to help her. I had never been to a chiropractor so I didn’t really know what to expect.

Poway Chiropractic
I met Dr. Rode and he asked me some questions about my pain. He then did an exam and took some x-rays of my spine. He was very thorough in his explanation about what was going on in my spine and why I was having the pain. He also answered all my questions I had. He set up a treatment plan for me and I can say I feel so much better today after having been adjusted. I can now do the things that the pain had prevented me from doing in the past. I feel like a happier healthier mom thanks to his care. I know I am very grateful to him and so is my family.

Michelle Westhead