Before I started receiving chiropractic care, I had pain on the left side of my neck and head almost daily. The pain levels would fluctuate from a level of 3 to 7. This condition initially started about three years ago and has been on and off thereafter. I had previously sought help from medical Dr.’s who all lead me to believe and diagnosed me as having stress related headaches and or migraines. I was given different types of medications and was told to do neck exercises to provide relief for my pain, however, nothing seemed to help me out. My condition was limiting me and interfering with my moods to the point where I was feeling a little down and depressed with my unresolved condition.

After getting frustrated with medical doctors not being able to provide me with relief and the proper diagnosis, I took it upon myself to start doing my own research for alternative treatments.

I am very satisfied with my chiropractic care, and I am able to resume my normal life now. I hope my experience will encourage others to seek chiropractic care, as opposed to always seeking medical doctors for medication as the only type of relief for pain. I am very satisfied with the results I have had with Dr. Rode and am so relieved that my condition improved within the first month. I am also very glad to be off all of the medications I was prescribed.
Lori Lofaro