I have worked as a medical assistant in a busy OB/GYN office for almost 3 years. For the past 1 1/2 years I have suffered from severe headaches and neck pain. I’ve been to the doctor on several occasions and tried different medications to no avail. Finally I decided to try going to a chiropractor. So I contacted my insurance company to find a chiropractor near my home that could see me late in the day after I left work. That is how I found Dr. Rode.

My first appointment was in December 2008. On the first visit he x-rayed my entire spine. Then on the second visit we discussed the x-rays and decided on a treatment plan. I received my first adjustment at that time. I saw Dr. Rode twice a week for a short time then once a week. Since then I barely get a headaches anymore and when I do get one it goes away with a couple of Tylenol. I feel 100% better and wished I had thought of going to a chiropractor much sooner! Anyone experiencing these kinds of problems or pains should definitely try going to a chiropractor.

Cassandra Hanes