I sought out chiropractic care to see if it could help with my sciatica. I was experiencing pain in my low back that went down my left leg. It was very painful and caused me to avoid most any physical activity. Even something simple like sitting in a chair was uncomfortable unless it had good low back support. If it didn’t I had to consciously sit abnormally erect. To see if I could get relief I then decided to see Dr. Rode. He took a set of x-rays of my spine and identified unleveling of my pelvis, and misalignment of the rest of my spine. Dr Rode explained to me why these problems were causing pain.

After my first treatment I had quite a bit of relief, which progressed quickly to almost complete relief in just a couple weeks. I can say that after two months of treatment I have been able to resume my normal daily activities. Thank you
Dr. Rode.

Bryan Evans