I met Dr. Rode thru my networking group, and heard his 10 minute presentation. That’s when I really paid attention to what chiropractic care can do to treat many problems that I had no clue were related to my spine. I had for about 3 years or more severe jaw pain, every time I ate, yawned or just moving my mouth you could hear the snapping. It was so painful I had been to my primary doctor who referred me to a specialist. I had been to the dentist who gave me mouth guards to wear at night. None of these things were helping, I was even considering having TMJ surgery hoping it would help make the pain go away. The headaches were coming and going and still nothing would help.

So I decided to give
Dr. Rode a try. After the fist few visits, I noticed a huge difference. My headaches had subsided and my jaw and face were already feeling better. I continued my sessions till I got too large from my pregnancy, but it has been about four months since I’ve been to Dr. Rode and still no problems with my jaw or headaches. I have since become a believer of chiropractic care and would recommend this to anyone with any symptoms. You never know the connection it has to your spine and how it may be cured with a little adjustment to your back.

Andrea Lopez