In September of 2008 I had tweaked my neck, and then in May 2009 it became untenable.  I had very limited range of motion.  I couldn't tilt my head back at all.  When I lay down to sleep I had to support my head with my hand, or else climb into bed prone and then roll over.  While driving I couldn't safely check my blind spot quickly, as I had to turn my entire body.  It was very difficult look left while turning right at red lights.  While riding my motorcyle, it was painful if I got a gust of wind that pushed my head back.  I did try some muscle relaxers but they had no detectable effect.

Dr Rode listened to what I said about my pain and wrote it down.  I was asked when it started, and what and where the symptoms were. He took some X-rays and had me demonstrate my range of motion, and had me run through some simple exercises so he could tell what and where the problem was.  On subsequent visits, he has done some adjustments on my back and neck, with positive results.

My neck pain had kept me from being able to exercise.  I already have enough problems with motivation and scheduling, so it was very frustrating that I was ready to exercise and had the time to do so but was physically unable to.  It was also dangerous for me to drive since I couldn't turn my head as quickly as is sometimes necessary.  It was also very uncomfortable to ride my motorcycle, which is my passion.
After a few months of treatment, I am able to exercise as hard as I wish.  Riding and driving are normal again, and while I can still feel some discomfort at the ends of my range of motion, it doesn't limit me in any way.  I was expecting at least six months of treatment to get to this level, but I noticed a difference almost immediately and have improved much more quickly than I would have thought.
Some people may doubt the effectiveness of chiropractic, but for me, it has been the cure to a pretty serious problem.  I can't recommend it enough.
Matt Tonner