How To Sleep Properly

Believe it or not but there are good ways to sleep on a bed and ways that will actually agravate your condition. The best way to sleep on a bed it to lie flat on your back, the second best is on your side and the worst is on your stomach. The reason why laying on your stomach is bad is because you have to turn your head either to the left or to the right so you can breath, and this will actually cause neck problems. Laying on your side is OK if you support your head so that your spine is straight and not tilted up by a big pillow. You also want to put a pillow in between your legs to help support your hips otherwise a you spine might twist. Finally laying on you back is the best because you can evenly support your neck and back. It is best for you neck if you have your head lie flat on the bed, and then roll up a hand rag or small hand towel just enough to support your neck while letting your head lie on the bed. If you have a back condition put some pillows under your knees and this takes pressure off your back

Dr. Kip Rode