Should you see a chiropractor after an auto accident?

If you have been in an auto accident, especially one where you have been rear ended, then it is very important to see a chiorpractor. You may have suffered what is called a whiplash injury. What is more important than the pain you may be experiencing is the possiblity that the curve in you neck may have straightened or even reversed. What this means is that if the curve in you neck is not restored to normal then over time you will experience accelerated degeneration of the spine and not be aware that it is occuring. There is also a greater chance of headaches occuring in terms of frequency and intensity. A chiropractor can not only help with the immediate pain but also help with restoring the curve in your neck towards the way it should be. It is much easier to help correct something that has happened recently than it is after 15 to 20 years have passed.

Dr. Kip Rode