How To Increase Your Sense of Balance

As people get older they lose their sense of balance.  This is why they fall down more frequently. Combine that with lower bone density can lead to fractures and hospitalization. One of the things that can be used to delay this is to challenge yourself daily to increase you proprioceptive capabilities. A simple thing that can be done is that when sitting and watching television at night you can roll your feet over a tennis ball or golf ball.  Normally people wear shoes all day long so the bottom of their feet don’t get much sensory input. By sitting down and rolling your feet over the ball you increase the signals that the feet receive.  Doing exercises that strengthen or stretch your ankles can also be helpful.  A rocker board can help with increasing your ankle strength.  A rocker board is is very simple to create.  You get a small board and cut a tennis ball in half.  You then glue the half of a tennis ball to the bottom of the board.  You can then sit down and place your feet on the board and do motions back and forth and side to side.  These exercises  increase the sense of proprioception in your body joints. Chiropractic adjustments to the feet can also help the proprioception in the feet.  Sometimes the bones in the  feet can be misaligned and adjustments can help realign them.

Dr. Kip Rode